Andrew Smith

Head of Agribusiness, Rural Bank

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“The Rural Muster Selling Better Project has taken the lead in facilitating a complete culture and mindset shift across the entire organisation to improve the customer experience and lift sales. In addition, I lead a competent sales leadership team who are coaching and leading from the front, and we have an outstanding sales score card. Barrett has provided us with robust sales systems, tools, resources and ongoing education to give us the ability to innovate, navigate and grow our business for the short, medium and long term.

Personally, I got incredible value from working with Sue Barrett because:

  • Sue is a future thinker who is highly tuned to the operating environment, innovations and disruptors that might influence our future
  • Sue is an absolute specialist in sales, proud of the profession, champion for customer centred selling
  • Sue has superior organisational and planning skills, sharp, maximises value from time, action orientation”



Graeme Williamson

Managing Director, Lotus Filters

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“Lotus Filters has experienced solid recent growth, however we wanted to see if we could grow faster! After reading an article published by Sue, undertaking some research and meeting up, we decided to engage the team at Barrett to ‘help us sell better’.

The brief has covered a number of key things including refining our sales messaging to the online Sales Essentials development program for our sales and key operational people. Along this journey Sue has facilitated workshops where her depth of knowledge and engaging delivery style has led to positive change in the business. Benefits derived include a very clear value proposition and a number of tools and techniques to help us all sell better – and the results are showing. We have no hesitation in recommending Sue to any business looking to enhance the way they sell.”



Jill Johnston

Head of People & Culture, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA)

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Sue Barrett and her team has skillfully guided us through a key transitional time in our Company when it was critical to build our strategy and define the processes and tools that would support our key business objectives moving forward. Sue and her colleagues have the flexibility and diversity of skills and capabilities that adapt to the business requirements at any time. Sue is an engaging and inspirational facilitator and presenter and her strategic thinking coupled with practical implementation ensures organisations that work with her get high quality outcomes that achieve tangible results. The Barrett team quickly understands the nuances of a business and quickly builds key relationships that ensures she understands the immediate needs for the organisation and appropriate support for individuals.”



Barry Singer

Managing Director, Comfortel

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“This Selling Better Project and sales training is fundamentally changing how we sell for the better. Sue really challenges us and makes us think; she takes us outside our comfort zone, stretches us but it really works. It’s amazing. We are seeing continued increases in sales, huge reduction in discounting, increased confidence in the team and happier customers. This is not just an event for us, we will be continuing our journey with Barrett to keep us sales fit in 2018.”