Southern Cross Austereo

SCA Selling Better project unites state sales teams and creates a unique value proposition to increase market share

“Launched new sales strategy & messaging to Board & Exec Team in Dec. with total buy-in and support. Share price is now tracking north and sales leaders are united in leading the way.”


Key Achievements

  • Developed robust sales messaging including unique value proposition (VP) and creating a competitive edge in the market place.
  • Uniting sales leadership with a clear and consistent message in the market.
  • Improved collaboration on major client accounts   through consistent  coaching  of sales teams by sales leaders.
  • Establishment of a sales framework across strategy, process and people  for more consistent management of the sales function.


Business Challenge

In early 2015, Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) share price was in decline, competition was fierce, and  the business was losing market share.  Jill Johnston, SCA’s HR Director engaged Barrett in April 2015 to undertake a complete review of SCA’s sales leadership and audit its sales strategy and operations framework to identify opportunities to improve sales effectiveness.

  • The challenge was to stop the constant climate of discounting, drive up the size of each sales opportunity and have a more cohesive, consistent and focused sales teams.
  • In early 2017, Barrett began working with the Managing Director and Sales Operations Manager to build the Strategy, Process and People foundations for Comfortel Selling Better Culture, in preparation to roll out to the sales team in August 2017.

The assignment was completed in 3 phases over 15 months:

  • Phase 1 – Conduct independent sales leadership review, sales strategy and sales operations audits & workshop – culminating in a new sales strategy  and unique VP.
  • Phase 2 – Map SCA sales process, develop sales competency behavioural matrix and sales process library.
  • Phase 3 – Train and coach sales leaders to roll out ‘how we sell around here’ and coach their sales teams to SCA sales standards.


Results/ Outcomes

  • Value Proposition provided teams with a real competitive edge helping them increase win ratio of larger more profitable accounts.
  • Within 3 months, sales strategy and clear messaging from sales leadership impacted positively on share price.
  • Sales leaders had common sales process and sales success profiles to recruit, induct and coach to making it easier on-board new salespeople and get them selling better faster.


Personal Notes

Jill Johnston, Head of People & Culture, SCA

Sue Barrett and her team has skilfully guided us through a key transitional time in our Company when it was critical to build our strategy and define the processes and tools that would support our key business objectives moving forward.  Sue and her colleagues have the flexibility and diversity of skills and capabilities that adapt to the business requirements at any time.  Sue is an engaging and inspirational facilitator and presenter and her strategic thinking coupled with practical implementation ensures organisations that work with her get high quality outcomes that achieve tangible results. The Barrett team quickly understands the nuances of a business and quickly builds key relationships that ensures she understands the immediate needs for the organisation and appropriate support for individuals.


Brian Gallagher, Chief Sales Office, SCA

Just read through all of this. Pity this never existed when I started out…love it